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Why hire us as your profesional piano moving company?


Piano moving is likely the most technical category of moving there is. A piano is heavy, bulky and delicate all at the same time, and more importantly, very expensive. It is not recommended to take the task of moving a piano lightly, whether it is in-home, within a city or over long distances. If the move is attempted by people who are not trained and experienced in the task of piano moving, the risk of damage and loss can be very high. The potential savings by doing it yourself instead of hiring professional piano movers is very low. This is why we strongly encourage you to give us a call when you need a piano moved from one location to another.

We understand the emotional connection between a piano owner and their piano as well as that it is not a cheap purchase. We treat your piano with utmost care and appreciate the trust you place in our company when you hire us to do this job for you. We are the most trusted piano movers in the Greater Toronto Area as well as southern Ontario. We have successfully and without incident moved hundreds of pianos over very short and very long distances. When done right with effective and experienced use of technique and apparatus, the herculean task of moving a piano becomes a fairly easy affair. We are the pro movers for all your moving needs, your mover of choice.


In the several years of professional services we have provided, we have helped move many different types of pianos


Digital Keyboards

They’re the smallest in size and lightest of all. 2 movers are able to move it with ease regardless of the number of stairs along the way. Nonetheless, we apply the same amount of diligence while moving a piano, irrespective of its size


The Spinets

They’re the smallest of the uprights. The height is about a maximum of about 38 inches and a width of around 58 inches. It is a great choice for those who have limited space in their home, apartment or condo to fit such an instrument. 2 professional movers are more than enough to move it and 3rd mover may be needed if the piano needs to go to the second floor or the basement or basically any flight of stairs


The Console

A Console piano is slightly bigger than the Spinet, ranging more towards 40 to around 43 inches in height and 58 inches wide. The Console comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Similar to the spinets, they require 2 movers to maneuver it and an occasional third mover may be needed to move it up or down the flight of stairs.

A studio upright piano


The Upright

The Upright piano is the tallest in the vertical piano category, ranging from 50 to 60 inches in height and an approximate width of about 58 inches. It is the most difficult to move as they may weigh as much as 800lbs or 370kgs. They definitely need 3 strong movers even when moving it within the same floor. 4 or even 5 movers may be needed to take it up or down a flight of stairs.


The Studio

A Studio piano is mostly found in music schools, studios or other such professional classroom settings. Bigger than consoles, their height is around 45 to 48 inches and width of 58 inches. If the movers are strong and experienced enough, 2 of them would be able to move this piano. It is recommended though, to opt in for 3 movers for safety, especially if the piano is in mint condition.


Baby Grand

The Baby Grand measures around 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches in height. It has an eye appealing aesthetic and requires delicate and experienced hands to move it safely. Legs are taken off first before it’s laid down on the dolly by pivoting to its flat side. In our experience, 3 to 4 movers may be needed depending on the requirements.


Parlor, Ballroom or Concert Grand

These are one of the biggest pianos and range from 5 feet 7 inches to 9 feet across. We come across these the least frequently but when we do, we make sure we have our most experienced piano movers to execute the move. Usually 4 – 5 movers may be needed for the task.

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You’ve found us! Touchwood movers provide the only piano moving service you need to consider for your piano needs. Our process is tried, tested and our services are professional grade. We have an impressive width as well as depth of experience in all sorts of piano moving in all sorts of situations and needs. Whether you want to move your piano on the same floor, up or down flights of steps or across cities and provinces, we do all types of moves, and we do them the best! Check out our reviews on Google and HomeStar as evidence. You may see other companies providing similar services but we are the company that is local, works as a coordinated team and is available to handle all tasks and situations that arise while moving a piano, and with the reviews to prove it!

Call us now for a free quote for your piano moving needs and save on costs and risks and let us take care of your move!

How much does it cost to move a piano in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario?

The average cost of a full and professional piano moving service can average between $250-$650. The exact amount depends on your location, the size of piano and the nature + distance of the move itself. Touchwood Movers strives to be the most affordable moving company overall in the Greater Toronto Area and the same applies for our piano moving service. Other companies struggle to match our competitive rates and when they do, they may send fewer than needed movers for the move.

Call the company of choice when it comes to piano moving – Touchwood Movers!


The cost to move a piano when you hire our professional movers includes the following:


  • Basic disassembly and assembly required to move a piano. The most common need we come across is having to remove the legs of certain types of pianos before moving them
  • Wrapping your piano with caution and protection like moving blankets and plastic wrap. We take extra care to not let your piano bump into any walls and doors while moving but we go the extra mile to protect your piano anyway. This is what you get when you move your piano with the help of a professional piano moving company
  • Moving a piano up or down flights of stairs. This requires more personnel and often times extra equipment as well. We include all of this in the quote we share with you regarding your piano move