Your local Condo, Apartment and  Studio Moving company

No move is too small for us, and most definitely not any less important. We understand the complexities of condo and apartment moves better than most moving companies out there. In many ways, it is a more challenging job than moving even large houses. But at TouchWood Movers, we customize our service offering to match your exact moving needs. Quality, professionalism, integrity and care are top priority in our family-owned moving company. We’re a crew of fully insured, highly trained, experienced and friendly people who love what we do and love even more the fact that we get the chance to be a part of your next step in life. And we’re thankful for the opportunity to be your movers.

TouchWood Movers claim to be the best among your local moving companies and we have some “moving” reasons why:


Timeliness is important

Very often, elevators need to be reserved both at your current and new condo or apartment buildings. In such cases, you absolutely want a reliable moving company as your partner in the move. TouchWood movers is your company of choice. We can advise you on how to schedule both your elevator bookings based on the size of the move and additional requirement to pack items, dissemble and assemble furniture etc. We’re happy to discuss this at the time you call to book a moving appointment with us


Carefulness is critical

Almost always, you have to put down a sizeable deposit to reserve elevators at both your current and new condo or apartment buildings. And buildings are quite strict about damage to their public spaces and they will penalize you if your movers are irresponsible while moving your belongings. We take great care in our moves. Our professional and highly experienced crew uses padded blankets, plastic wraps and appropriate equipment to move your household goods to and from the truck without scratching or scuffing any walls, doors, corridor walls, elevators and other public or private surfaces.


Experience is irreplaceable

You want to hire the best and most experienced and professional movers for your condo, apartment or studio move. Due to limited space, short and narrow door frames, narrow corridors etc. it is not easy to move furniture in and out of the apartment or into and out of the truck. Our team of movers has done it several hundreds of times with no incident, so you will have peace of mind when you decide to hire our service for your move


Movers as well as packers

Not many companies do so. We know you have busy lives. Work, family or just plain and simple fun, you have things to do. This is why we also offer complete done-for-you packing services. Depending on how small or large your condo apartment is, we come in the previous day or early same day to dissemble and safely pack up all your belongings. Since our movers have done this countless number of times, they’re quite quick about it too. We understand the value of your time so we do everything we can to let you have your time as much as possible. Call us in advance to plan out your packing needs


Capabilities are versatile

Touchwood Movers specialize in condo, apartment and studio moving across the greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. We move every type of condo or apartment, everyday, ranging from low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, duplexes and triplexes, lofts and many more types of apartments. Many buildings offer to reserve elevators, some lower rises don’t, and some buildings don’t even have elevators. We’ve seen it all, we’ve executed moves in every situation and combination you can imagine. We know condo-moving in Toronto like the back of our hands. We’re always eager and ready to guide you, answer all your questions and even help plan out the end-to-end move for you. We’re the movers that go the extra mile to make moving painless for you. Call us to discuss our services.


Pricing is transparent

For condo, apartment or studio moving jobs, we generally provide hourly prices as the nature and condition of moves vary drastically from customer to customer. Various factors that affect the time required for the move are size of the elevator, parking spot made available by you, distance and traffic conditions between current and new condo or apartment, how efficiently have elevator reservations been scheduled at both buildings so our crew does not spend a lot of wait time for elevators to free up and a variety of other factors. Please note the hourly price for our services depends on the number of movers we deploy to your condo apartment as well. Understandably, you need fewer movers when moving a studio versus when moving larger apartments.

The culmination of all these reasons is a stress-free moving day for you. Condo and apartment moving or any type of moving really, is not fun and often quite long and stressful. We work really hard to take away that stress from you. Our movers have a combination of experience, integrity, capability, professionalism and an inherent drive to make our customers’ lives easier, which results in that stress-free moving service you hope and dream of. For many moving companies you’re a transaction. For us, you’re a long term relationship.

A couple of things still remain your responsibility on moving day:


  • Elevators – Reserving the elevators at both your origin and destination buildings. It is always a good idea to note multiple open slots from the concierge. You can then give us a call and we can coordinate what works best with our open moving slots as well. You’d want to do this especially for weekend moves when both your building elevators and our crew is pretty tightly booked. One great idea is to get on the scheduling 6-8 weeks prior to the moving date
  • Parking spot – Making sure there’s an available parking spot available for us to use, either inside the building’s loading area or in a back-alley behind your building. If not, you will have to ensure there is a parking space available nearby that meets all the city’s requirements. Most buildings have enough experience with moving that they’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s the best place to park. Feel free to discuss this when you call us to reserve a moving slot and we’ll be happy to advise as well. The distance between your condo or apartment building to the parking spot has a direct impact on time taken by your local movers to load and unload your belongings