Commercial and Office Moving



Commercial moving, if anything, is a more challenging and technical form of moving. And it is more critical too. Unlike a regular home move (which is important in its own right and deserving of equal care and professionalism), commercial moves involve moving revenue generating assets. A careless incident during a home move may result in financial costs incurred. An incident during commercial move has cost as well as revenue consequences, because your business assets are at risk, and any downtime resulting from improper moving will cost your business revenue as well. At TouchWood Movers, we understand this. We take great pride and care in our office and commercial moving services and provide you with schedule flexibility options to reduce downtime for you as much as possible. We offer a wide variety of commercial moving services:

  • Office moves
  • Warehouse moves
  • Restaurant, shop or store moves
  • Miscellaneous, please call to discuss other commercial moving services

Various types of commercial and office moves:

Office Moving is one of the most challenging and technical categories there is in moving. A company’s important data and information is stored in boxes, cabinets, hardware, servers and other items which makes it even more challenging and full of responsibility.

  • Business hardware – This includes monitors, CPUs, cables, servers and other IT equipment. These are one of the most important and delicate items which we move using terminal dollies. Labelling the desktops and other hardware with the name of the staff member who it belongs to is imperative to avoid mix-up.
  • Desk items – When moving in a large office, it is imperative to not mix the desk items of one employee with another. Therefore, it is important to label the boxes, totes or bins for the individual desk or cubicle. We do deliver bins beforehand in order for the staff members to have enough time to pack their individual items. Alternatively, we offer full packing services where our crew will be happy to pack up all commercial equipment as well. Once moved to the new office location and unpacking has been done, we can arrange for the collection of bins.
  • Office Furniture – There is a wide variety of furniture items found in an office: Desks, cubicles, chairs, board room/conference tables, projector screens, bookcases, filing cabinets, lamps, mats, etc. These items can further be classified into multiple categories. For e.g., desks can be classified into managerial desks, executive desks, reception desks, height adjustable desks, writing desks, floating desks, computer desks and so on. Similarly, chairs are of many types namely conference chairs, ergonomic chairs, task chairs, etc. TouchWood Movers exceed in the safe moving of all these items and setting them up at the new location for your company.

Warehouse Moving is also covered under commercial moving at TouchWood Movers. There can be all types of equipment, appliances, material and other items in a warehouse. It can also involve moving skids, so we make sure we have a pump truck and in some cases a forklift handy for that.

Restaurants, stores, shops, and clinics: If you’re planning on moving your restaurant or store, make sure you hire professional movers who are familiar with moving heavy ovens, mixers, commercial refrigerators, warmer/buffet trolleys, countertops, and other heavy commercial appliances. Similarly, if you have an orthodontics, ophthalmologist, hearing aid, chiropractic or any other type of clinic and you’ve have numerous heavy and awkward equipment and appliances, make sure you give us a call. Whatever your business, we provide the highest quality relocation services. We’re a proudly local and family owned moving company and professional customer service is our top priority. TouchWood Movers has the expertise in handling services needed by all types of business

professional team of movers moving an office

Your commercial movers of choice

At TouchWood Movers, our purpose is to minimize your business downtime.  As a complete commercial moving services business, we provide weekend and after-hour services to accommodate your requirements.  We’ll organize all aspects of your commercial move.  Simply speaking, we’ll do whatever is needed to make your relocation a success. Our aim is to become the go-to movers for all your company needs.

If your business is moving, whether you have outgrown your present office location or because the office is too large and you believe your company could function better in a smaller office, finding an experienced commercial office moving team to help you is very important.  Downtime is something which most businesses can ill afford, but if you’ve got little experience of relocating a industrial operation — it can be a challenging process to plan, organize and execute the relocation with minimal disturbance.  But luckily you won’t need to; you can count on our workplace moving staff!

If you’re looking for movers experienced in office relocation or any other commercial moves in the Greater Toronto Area, our moving company will make your relocation effective and worry free. Call TouchWood Movers today. Let our business take care of your business

Why work with TouchWood Movers on your next office or commercial move?


In addition to our experience, glowing customer reviews and an unwavering commitment to integrity, care and client satisfaction, there are several other reasons why you’d want to hire our movers to help you with your move:

    We’re a one-stop professional movers...

    …business offering complete, end-to-end commercial moving solutions. We’re not just haulers and movers. We help plan your move from the start to the end. We work with you on the timing and scheduling of the relocation of your business, arrive at your workplace and dismantle everything, pack it up safely and transport it to the destination office where we help set up your office too. We can assist with as little or as much of the move as you need us to, our services and quotes are completely customized to your unique commercial needs

    Experienced, trained, insured and bonded

    We strongly recommend not trying to move your workplace by yourself. It may sound like a money-saving idea, but the time needed by untrained individuals or cheap movers and the risks involved add up to be far more expensive than hiring professionals who do these commercial  moves for a living. There is risk of damage to office property (origin and destination), assets themselves and even individuals trying to do the move themselves without the proper techniques. Call TouchWood Movers instead. Each and every one of our crew is trained, capable, expert and insured and we will execute on your commercial moving needs in no time at extremely competitive rates. An office move can be a pretty steep task and we’re just a phone call away to be your thought and strategy partners. We’re happy to provide you with advice and suggestions and more importantly an absolutely free, no-obligations quote.

    We’re a one-size-fits-all office and commercial moving company...

    No job is too small or too big for us. We’re well equipped and more importantly, well experienced in handling small as well as very large-scale commercial moves. Whether you are moving a workplace where several hundred employees work or you’re a one-man army or you’re somewhere in between, give us a call. We will present you with a bespoke moving plan that fits your specific commercial requirements

    We’ve been in this business for years, providing our commercial and office moving services to businesses and companies all around GTA and southern Ontario.