Top quality Professional Moving Services in AJAX-PICKERING AND NEARBY Within Your Budget

Top quality Professional Moving Services in AJAX-PICKERING AND NEARBY Within Your Budget

We are your local moving company of choice in Ajax-Pickering and the Greater Toronto Area

TouchWood Movers is a one-stop-shop, end-to-end, full-service moving company that has been serving Ajax-Pickering and rest of the Greater Toronto Area for years. We are local, family owned and take great pride in eliminating all moving-related stress from our customers’ minds. We have friendly and highly experienced crew members that offer top-quality moving experience in every single move we assist with. We’re on time, courteous, treat your belongings as we would treat our own and we do all this without breaking your bank.

If you’re looking for a moving company of the highest quality and competency that is reasonably priced and treats you like actual people (not just another number like many national companies do), please give us at TouchWood Movers a call and the opportunity to discuss your moving needs. We are local, but a very well-loved and reputable moving company. We do roughly 100+ moves each month and we’ve been doing so for many years all around the Greater Toronto Area. This gives us a level of experience and expertise that is difficult to match by other regular moving companies. You can witness first-hand the advantages of this experience when we smoothly and carefully execute all your moving needs, incident-free.

Best moving company

We are not in the business of providing moving services, we are in the business of providing ‘peace of mind’

Moving these days has become a regular part of many of our lives. And without exception, it is a painful, irritating chore that nobody looks forward to. Our company’s mission is to completely eliminate that feeling of dread when moving time approaches for you and your family. Our movers can take care of EVERYTHING that’s needed to be done in a move:

  • Free on-call consultation to discuss the best and most convenient plan for your move and an attractive, no-obligation quote for your needs
  • Packing at the origin and unpacking at destination
  • Reasonable disassembly and assembly of furniture and belongings
  • Providing supplies for the move like boxes, wardrobe boxes, duct-tape, dollies and other specialized equipment
  • Protective packaging of fragile items like appliances, furniture, pianos and delicate décor to ensure no scratches or dents occur during the move
  • An appropriately sized truck as well as the right number of movers based on the size and other characteristics of your move
professional moving truck of touchwood movers

Why we may be the best moving company in Ajax-Pickering and Greater Toronto Area

We don’t mean to make assertions of being the best. All other moving companies seem to do that plenty on their websites! We just have some solid reasoning and evidence that leads us to believe we might be. Please give us a call to find out yourself.

TouchWood Movers came into being as a company with a vision: to offer the twin-cities of Ajax-Pickering and rest of the Greater Toronto Area a moving service that is honest, experienced, committed and dedicated to ‘Touch’ the lives of its customers and the community in a positive way. The smallest of moves can be quite stressful without proper and qualified movers. Unlike for most other moving companies, at TouchWood Movers, a move is NOT simply moving boxes and furniture from one point to another. It is so much more than that.

It is a new page in your life, a new beginning with fresh hopes for an even brighter future. When you hire us to help you kick-start this beautiful change, we treat it like an honour. For every move for all our clients, we make it our singular objective to go above and beyond your expectations and deliver an exceptional moving experience. The moving company you hire are the first service providers at your new residence or place of business. Imagine being overjoyed by their service and all-smiles as you settle in properly for the first time at your new place. That is what we at TouchWood Movers promise to deliver to you.

Very humbly, it is this degree of compassion along with high experience, expertise and competency at executing moves that possibly makes us your best moving company choice, maybe even across Canada.

TouchWood Movers offers a wide variety of services that includes, but is not limited to:

Piano Moving

Commercial and Office Moving

Home Moving

Long-Distance Moving

Condo, Apartment, & Studio Moves


Single-Item Delivery

In-House Moving

Call us to discuss your specific need and we’re happy to consult and provide a free, no-obligation quote!

Some of the reasons why you should hire TouchWood Movers in Ajax-Pickering and the Greater Toronto Area:


Our moving crew is highly experienced in all types of moves and fully insured and bonded. We have moved 3-tonne refrigerators, grand pianos that cost in six-figures, every size of furniture you can imagine, 400sf studios, 8-bedroom mansions and everything in between. We are efficient and we treat your belongings like we would treat our own. When you hire us, you know the moving job will be done right


Based on the size of the move, size of truck needed, number of movers required and other characteristics of the move, we provide you with a personalized quote with no hidden fees or tricks for your moving needs. We pride ourselves in being extremely affordable movers, while providing quality that cannot be matched even by the most expensive moving company. Call us to get your free and no-obligation quote today


We provide you with modern trucks that are sized right for your moving needs. We have a versatile crew of movers and we allocate the right talent for your special services needs. We have specially trained piano movers, extra-heavy appliance movers etc and we make sure you get the expertise you need. We use efficient dollies and other heavy weight leveraging apparatus to ensure a safe and efficient move


We do more than just move your belongings from one point to another. We offer complete packing services, packing supplies, general disassembly and assembly as well as storage solutions where possible. We’re able to meet all your moving needs under a single roof. Ours. This makes it convenient and cheaper for you than going to several service providers for different aspects of moving


From the moment you call us for the first time for a moving quote, to the time when our packers and movers depart your new residence or place of business after providing professional services, we strive to deliver the most professional and pleasant customer experience possible. We are open and transparent in communication, punctual in arriving at your address and work to avoid any surprises along the way. We treat our customers as more than a single transaction. We work to build a long-term relationship with you so that the next time you move, you don’t need Google. You have our number saved on your phone!


We are exclusively local do roughly 100+ moves per month in and around the Greater Toronto Area and we’ve been doing this for years. And we do all types of moves whether it is moving a detached house, townhome, condos, offices, shops etc. With this amount of experience, it won’t be an exaggeration if we said we know professional moving in and around southern Ontario like the back of our hands. Our movers are best suited for any moving need you may have

“This was our first big move in Canada and I am glad to have chosen Touchwood. The whole shifting was done very professionally. The movers knew their job well and ensured a trouble free shift. Very competitive prices too. Highly recommended.”

Maninder Chahal

“We had a fantastic experience with Touchwood Movers. We had a couple large pieces of furniture on 3 different floor levels which was moved without a single scratch. It was also done on a fairly tight deadline with short notice, yet the whole process was very easy. Price very reasonable and the movers were nice!”

Jeni fer

Everything went smoothly moving into my new house. Touchwood movers knew exactly how to move my large objects without damaging the walls. Professional and talented.”

Posh Po

“I had an absolutely fantastic experience with these movers. They were promptly on time, very thorough in securing my piano before moving, prioritized safety, and ensured that the piano was delivered and installed. I was impressed by their professionalism and will use them again for future moves.”

Jeffrey Paul Ansloos

“This is our second move using Touchwood movers. Very professional quality service, on time and well priced. Entire staff was very friendly and understanding. I highly recommend them for homes and business!”

Harpinder Bhachu

“This company is run by an efficient and professional Team. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I would recommend this moving company for all jobs related as they are honest and completely reliable.”

Jacqueline Aluthgamage

We’re a local professional moving company with a wide geographical coverage area. We serve:






Richmond Hill






North York









And many more…

Professional Packing Services

About 8 weeks before moving day:

  • Start shopping for a professional moving company. Don’t book the first one you speak with. Call up a few, ask them for quotes, and not just their hourly rate but also get a sense of how long do they estimate for the move. Ask for what services are included, and what services do they not offer, to avoid any last-minute nasty surprises. Check for reviews online to ensure you hire only the best moving company. Touchwood Movers offer the best rates, are the most efficient and we share completely transparent pricing and quotes with you. Call us for a free no-obligations quote and we assure you, you will like us the best. We’re a family-owned and proudly local house moving company.
  • Start planning for which household items do you want to donate or otherwise get rid of by selling on Kijiji, facebook and other such market places. Start calling non-profit donation-accepting companies and book a pick-up or drop-off time with them well in advance. A couple of our recommendations are Furniture Bank and Habitat for Humanity GTA
  • Prepare a physical file, or a folder on your computer to start tracking all your moving related expenses and tax-deductible receipts you may receive upon donation. Remember, movers' cost, travel, lodging and even meals expenses incurred when moving homes are tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor to confirm details on any tax related matter.

About 4 weeks before moving day:

  • Make sure all the furniture in your house that you want to dispose off has been scheduled to be taken off your hands, either by a buyer or a local non-profit company
  • Purchase moving supplies and start packing up your house if you plan to do this by yourselves. Or leave this in the hands of our professional packers and movers. We know there are a million things involved in moving houses, call us to help you with the most painful tasks. TouchWood Movers can definitely be your packers as well
  • Set up mail forwarding service by Canada Post. Start transferring any kind of physical subscription services you have at your current house to your new address
  • Start looking for and buying furnishings you may have planned for your new house. Many online retailers and even physical stores take a few weeks to deliver. You want to make sure you have all essential things delivered by the time you have moved into your new house
  • Start playing ‘interior designer’ for your new house. Prepare a floor plan, decide where which furniture and personal belonging goes in the new house. This will be useful when you direct our professional movers to drop off the right items in the right rooms of your new home.

About 1 week before moving day:

    • Start to clean and disconnect appliances you’re moving with yourself to your new house
    • Start planning to finish up perishable products prior to relocation and plan for your meals for the last days in your current house without having to have a full refrigerator to avoid wastage
    • Finish packing and label items for convenience. Or you can leave it to your packers and movers if you've hired them for the entire moving package
    • Apply for a change of address for your driver’s license, health card, vehicle registration, insurance, banks and credit cards, Canada revenue agency, your place of employment, all memberships and even your near and dear ones
    • Prepare to disconnect and transfer your hydro account, internet service, security system service, gas/oil, telephone (if you still have one) and other such services
    • It is a great idea to build out a full inventory checklist of items you’re moving to your new house

    Moving day:

    • Be available for our punctual and professional movers to come to you to start packing and moving your house
    • Inform our crew of any special instructions you may have for any of your belongings prior to moving
    • Check items off the inventory list as they’re loaded into the truck by our movers before transport
    • Leave keys at an agreed upon location for the new occupants of your old home
    • Try and be available at the destination to check off the inventory list as our movers load them into your new house
    • Have payment ready for your movers
    • Get started with a new chapter in your life in your new house, with the best of wishes from our local Touchwood Movers family to yours!

    Frequently Asked Moving Questions

    Why should I hire professional packers and movers and not do the move myself?

    Moving is not an easy task. Depending on the types of your belongings, it can be a fairly technical task that makes trying to do it yourself a very unrecommended idea. Not only does it take significant time and physical effort, it also involves the risk of damage and loss if not done properly. Not to mention, the mental stress that you’d have to endure while planning and executing the whole move. The benefit of hiring a professional moving company like TouchWood Movers is we will do it in much less time than if you tried it with far lower or no risk of damage to your belongings. Like we’ve said once before, think of hiring us not as hiring movers, but hiring ‘peace of mind’

    How far in advance should I reserve a move with professional movers?

    Moving in the Greater Toronto Area and the surroundings is a very frantic industry. The best advice is to book your movers the day you confirmedly decide you are going to move. However, we realize life throws unexpected curveballs at us now and then. In general, it is more likely to find an available spot during weekdays than weekends, during the first 2-3 weekends of a month than the last weekend of the month and during winter than in summer.

    How do you ensure my belongings are safe and protected during the move?

    We carry complimentary thick padding to cushion your furniture and other items during loading, unloading and the move itself. We load the truck efficiently and then strap in the belongings so they don’t slip around during the drive. Most importantly, our crew is just very careful in navigating your belongings in and out of tight spaces with no incidents

    What are some of the things TouchWood Movers does NOT move?

    Pets, livestock, fish, perishable items, indoor plants, hazardous substances, guns and ammunition and other illegal items

    How much does it cost to hire TouchWood Movers?

    We aim to provide you with our lowest possible moving quote. Given the wide variety of moving services we offer and the relatively large geographical area we serve, our quotes are developed for you specifically. The most common fee structure is an hourly rate provided based on the truck and number of movers allocated to the moving job. For specialized moving, or large houses and commercial moving, we occasionally provide a flat fee quote. In every situation though, you receive honest and transparent pricing with no hidden fees and tricks


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