Let’s be honest, moving is a bit daunting process. There are a hundred things one goes over when in this process. A good moving company can be of an immense help in this time. The job of a good mover is not only to shift your belongings but to shift your perspective of the way you look at this process from challenging to venturesome.

What to expect?

A good moving company will get started with the job on time. The job starts with the movers taking care of the flooring by putting floor runners. Got a carpet? Don’t worry, the movers wear booties to protect it from getting stained. Mattresses are protected with mattress covers, any door that may prevent the items from getting in or out is taken off. Wardrobe boxes, TV moving boxes, picture/mirror boxes, sofa covers and bins can be ordered beforehand. The main furniture packing materials include shrink wrap, bubble wrap and padded blankets. Bedroom stuff is usually loaded up first followed by living room, basement and garage.

Remain calm! Trust the process!

I have been on innumerable jobs and trust me, I have encountered a lot of worried and stressful faces. The customer may have a lot of emotional attachment to the place they’re moving from not to forget their belongings. It is often difficult for them to vest their trust in a stranger. They may question the movers’ technique and ability to do a good job. However, the best option for a customer is to avoid having premature evaluation. It takes time, sweat and dedication for a whole process to turn out the way you want. Therefore, my advice would be to remain calm and trust the process.

Budgeting – how you can save a buck

There are countless ways of staying within your budget as far as moving is concerned. Packing is something that a person can do himself if he/she is not overwhelmed by the whole process. Some people are also of the opinion that more movers means more overall cost. However, that is wrong. An average total cost is somewhat the same for 4-5 movers as compared to 3 movers as the former end up wrapping up the job faster than the latter. The general rule of thumb is to go for one mover more than the number of bedrooms you’re planning on moving i.e., 2 movers for one-bedroom, 3 movers for two-bedroom house/apartment, 4 movers for three-bedroom and 5-6 movers for a complete four-bedroom house. The per hour cost may seem a bit steep at the start but the overall quality of the job is at its best and the job duration is also kept at minimal.

Another aspect of budgeting is assembling and dismantling of furniture. Again, it’s a no-brainer. If the customer keeps everything ready to pick up and can handle the assembly on his own after the movers finish unloading, the cost can be capped to a certain degree.

What can possibly go wrong?

Shifting an entire house or an office unit involves a lot of muscle, determination and experience. There is every possibility of something or the other going wrong. That’s when insurances come into picture. Moving scams and lack of proper moving equipment on the part of movers is another gruesome possibility that many customers encounter as part of the process. These practices have taken a plunge though in recent times with more and more focus on online presence. Nevertheless, it is advisable for the customer to do his due diligence and homework before choosing a moving company. Afterall, it’s a test one ought to pass for a venturesome outcome.


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