Office Moving

We Pay Attention to Detail

When it comes to office moving, the biggest challenge is to make sure things are set up the way they were at the previous location. Therefore, proper attention is given to every little detail whether it’s a mouse on a desk or a bolt in a cubicle.

Terminal dollies are used to transport all the monitors, hard drives and other electrical equipment and hardware. Cubicles are dismantled and assembled back according to the new sitting arrangement. Board room tables, conference room tables, desks and other furniture is also dealt in the similar manner. TVs are unmounted and packed with bubble wrap.

Packing stuff is the most important aspect of the office moving job. Employees are asked to start packing their individual stuff few days before moving. Boxes and totes can be provided beforehand to make sure stuff is ready to be moved on the moving day. We also move murphy beds as well as all other printers and copier machines.