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Most people do not want to get into the hustle of hiring a moving their property into a new home. We also have an aversion to asking friends and family to help because of the details that go into packing all pieces safely and tightly. You are likely to hire a moving company to handle the nitty-gritty details while giving you a break from backbreaking work. Hiring movers is the easiest way to simplify the process while passing off fragile items’ responsibility.

Overview of our local moving services

Good reviews

Google is not the only reliable platform for the best Edmonton moving companies. The local community is a more trustworthy choice because it relies on word of mouth to get future clients. We are a highly rated moving company because we value service quality, controllable moving fees, and a vital web review. You can also read reviews on Google to understand why we have a 95% rating review.

There is a lot to say about the quality of a moving company. You should be able to discern a moving company’s returns when you analyze the commentary details. We maintain the moving process’s condition with each client and hence have consistently glowing recommendations.


Do not use a moving company in Edmonton that lacks proper licensing and insurance details. Any group of people can start a moving company by buying a truck and simple moving equipment. The best movers will invest in the right documents and rights to give their clients the best possible results.

The United States requires movers to register with the transport department. Ensure the firm has a verifiable DOT number and insurance details. The regulations help regulate interstate moves while ensuring the mover is under the supervision team. You can also find the moving firm’s credibility from the American Moving and Storage Association site. We simplify the search by availing the right information upon inquiry.

Moving fees

Accredited moving companies near Edmonton BC will give you a rate according to the move’s volume and length. Be mindful that the rate model is different for every business. Some will charge extra for the heaviest objects, sudden additions, or fragile pieces. It is best to learn what constitutes the pricing of local moving services in Edmonton to understand the quote’s intricacies.

Burley Men movers charge by the hour, from an affordable rate of $100. The rates also differ according to the weight and the size of the truck we use to accommodate your items.

Diligent team

Every move will have different conditions. Beware of rogue movers who lie about using a standard moving process for all kinds of properties. Edmonton movers and storage have a hardworking team that is legitimate for all types of local moving services in Edmonton. We have a strict dedication to quality and abide by rules that protect different property features like furniture and glass.

Our movers in Edmonton have a fierce competitive edge regardless of your location. Talk to us on 1-844-849-4558 for a quote on your particular moving project.


Local Moving Services Edmonton

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Local Moving Services Edmonton

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